Our executive board unanimously adopted a “Signs for Life” campaign to continue to defend life in our State. As you know Illinois is a pro-choice state determined to be the abortion capital of the Mid-West. Abortions are taking place in Carbondale with plans of other clinics opening soon. Many of you are involved in defending life here in our Local Association.

Through the Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services, we are fortunate to have three services available to women with unplanned pregnancies – Grace Haven Pregnancy Resource Clinic, Angels Cove Maternity Center for expectant and new mothers and babies, and Faith Adoption Services.  All three entities have expressed the same need – help in getting the word out!  However, there are limited funds for publicizing these services.

Yard signs have been designed to encourage women with unplanned pregnancies to call for information about placing their child in adoption services.  We hope and pray these signs will save the lives of babies and place them in loving, Christian homes. 

 As members of a Nine Mile Association Church, we have a responsibility to lovingly reach out to mothers with unplanned pregnancies in our own community.  They need to know about the adoption option, and know we care and will support them if they make the choice of life for their unborn child.

A “Signs for Life” campaign will be promoted in our association churches during the month of January, with a special offering for these signs taken on Sunday, January 22- Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.    Donations should be given to your church, who in turn will forward them to the Association. One hundred percent of donations will be used to publicize Faith Adoption services to women with unplanned pregnancies. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Jeff Downard

Interim Mission Strategist

Nine Mile Baptist Association

P.O. Box 224, Pinckneyville, Illinois 62274